IOT Devices and Automation

Humbingo is the place where creativity and productivity in IoT solution arise together to take the productivity standard high for your business. If you are finding a key to enhance your customer experience and method efficiency, IoT development can be the best choice for you. Our IoT development team is proficient to produce efficient IoT system for minimizing efforts and increasing results.

IOT Solutions

  • Personal IoT: Wearable, Smartphones, Smart clothing and Glasses
  • Group IoT: Connected vehicles, smart house
  • Community IoT: Smart cities, connected parks & roads
  • Industrial IoT: Robotic machines, Industrial Environment Management
  • Healthcare IoT: Health monitoring systems

IOT Services

  • Feasibility study & PoC (Proof of Concept)
  • Cloud integration and maintenance
  • Design and development of IOT devices
  • Prototype and pilot batch production
  • OTA services
  • Product enhancement and maintenance
IOT Devices and Automation