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We manage both the shipping and logistics!

International shipping is anything but simple. There are many milestones that must be reached during the process of getting cargo from point A to point B. Here is an overview of the entire shipping process, detailing the documents necessary for each milestone and what steps both the shipper and freight forwarder must follow in order to successfully ship products.

You can either jump straight to the section you want to know more about by clicking the link, or start at the beginning to have a good overview of the whole shipping process: from getting the necessary information about your company and product, completing the paperwork, to receiving your shipment.

Before shipping products, a shipper must choose which products they require and place the order with a manufacturer. It is important to have well-defined contracts and incoterms with the manufacturer.

ecommerce website development company in ahmedabad

Integrated Shipping & Logistics

Offer delivery solutions to your customers at the point of purchase on your online store and secure the sales.

Multiple delivery solutions

Engage with a variety of shopping and logistics partners to get both domestic and international shipping services.

Preferential rates

Enjoy pre-negotiated shipping rates with the logistics partners and get better savings each time.

Key Points Of Shipping & Logistics:

It is important to understand the status of the company (registered corporation, limited liability company, or sole proprietorship), designated person with signature authority, the company’s board members and officers if applicable. It is also important to make a note of any other names (Doing-Business As, or DBA) the company is registered under.

What We Provide!

  • Free integration of shipping & Logistics
  • Ship directly from online store
  • International & domestic coverage
  • Multiple shipping solutions
  • Preferential rates
  • Automated shipping management