Desktop Development

Humbingo technologies know-how present low-priced development options. We are providing personalized, efficient, offline and browser elegant functions.

Application progress is carried out utilising platform-unbiased, mild weight and quite simply customizable Java Swing. The improvised sales person effectiveness as a result of route and supply planning and more suitable demand forecasting with certain data consolidation, knowledge validation, stock administration, income accounting, income forecast, master files renovation and order administration solutions.

Our desktop progress procedures enable us to separate the desktop environment from the physical contraptions for consumption, enabling a totally bendy and cozy laptop delivery model with the information and accessories prepare on the central information approach for the entire different varieties of laptop purposes that we are actively engaged with the following options

Our Application Development services include:

  • Microsoft Visual Basic Development
  • Visual C++ Development
  • VB.Net Development
  • C#.Net Development
  • Java Development

Types of Software

  • Billing System
  • Food Ordering System
  • GST billing System
  • Software With Barcode Scanner
  • Ticketing Information System
  • And Many More..

Advantages of Desktop Applications Development

  • Easy to use, scalable, easy to maintain applications
  • Modular enhancements by robust, scalable and manageable architectures
  • Secure applications robust architecture
  • Availability of applications without being connected to the internet
  • Custom UI with no limitations of a browser
  • Optimized Utilization of System Resources
  • Widgets
  • Scope of Globalization
  • Smooth Legacy Application Migration