What are the requirements for businesses to use WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API offers businesses an innovative platform to communicate with their customers in real-time, but gaining access to this powerful tool requires adherence to certain requirements. Let’s delve into the prerequisites that businesses need to meet in order to use WhatsApp Business API:

1. Official Business Verification:

To use WhatsApp Business API, businesses must undergo a thorough verification process to confirm their authenticity and legitimacy. This involves providing official documentation and business details to verify ownership and authorization to represent the business on the platform.

2. Approval from WhatsApp:

Once the verification process is complete, businesses need to seek approval from WhatsApp to access the Business API. WhatsApp evaluates each application based on various factors such as compliance with their policies, adherence to usage guidelines, and suitability for the platform.

3. Partnership with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider:

Businesses cannot directly access WhatsApp Business API on their own; they need to partner with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) or an Authorized WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (AWSP). These providers act as intermediaries between businesses and WhatsApp, offering the necessary infrastructure, support, and tools to integrate with the API.

4. Compliance with WhatsApp Business Policy:

Businesses must comply with WhatsApp’s Business Policy, which outlines the rules and guidelines for using WhatsApp Business API responsibly and ethically. This includes adhering to messaging standards, respecting user privacy, and avoiding spam or unsolicited messages.

5. Technical Integration:

Once approved by WhatsApp and partnered with a BSP or AWSP, businesses need to integrate WhatsApp Business API into their existing systems and platforms. This involves technical implementation, configuration, and testing to ensure seamless communication and functionality.

6. Payment:

WhatsApp Business API operates on a pay-per-message pricing model, where businesses are charged for each message sent to their customers. Businesses need to ensure they have the necessary payment arrangements in place to cover the costs associated with using the API.


In conclusion, accessing WhatsApp Business API requires businesses to meet certain requirements, including official verification, approval from WhatsApp, partnership with a BSP or AWSP, compliance with WhatsApp’s policies, technical integration, and payment arrangements. By fulfilling these prerequisites, businesses can leverage the power of WhatsApp Business API to enhance their communication strategies and engage with their customers more effectively in today’s digital landscape.